Art Beal - Hand-written Notes

notes with contact numbers

list of names associated with Nit Wit Ridge

Action Plan for Nit Wit Ridge, 2/15/1997

Agreements for Nit Wit Ridge, 4/23/1997

various notes about Nit Wit Ridge

agenda for board meeting

note about Midge Breer (?)

various contacts with phone numbers

note about metal arts sculpture center

contact info for Millie Mauer

note about hardware/software system design and integration, includes contact info for Kerry Riddle

various contacts with phone numbers

contact info for George Stewart

note about available material

offer to donate time from Dan Hartman, 8/14/1991

 note about Golden Apple Ranch

 offer to assist with carpentry from Boyd Nelson

 contact info for Dave Chamberlain

notes about county recorder

offer to donate lumber and paneling from Jack Lucas Luida

note about Legal Aid

note about Nit Wit Ridge  

materials list

contact info for Dennis Freeman

various contacts with phone numbers

 note about someone delegating power

 list of amounts (regarding Nit Wit Ridge?)

“to do”list

contact info for Jon Shaefer, Cory Yamashiro, and Jim Simon

contact info for John and Jim and Keny

instructions for mortar mix

 notes about Nit Wit Ridge  

contact info for Ron, Al, and Ev Eglash

contact info for Steve Rebuck

contact info for Stuckey and Frank Kocs

note about current condition of Nit Wit Ridge?

address (26114 V26 CA 93012)

Dennis Freeman pager number

reminder not to forget paint

Joseph’s expenses

contact info for Jeff Falero 

contact info for Jim

various notes and amounts

contact info for Wayne, Bruce, Jessie, and Eric

no trespassing note

various notes for Nit Wit Ridge

note about Secretary of State

 contact info for James Cordi

notecard with Art Beal aliases listed

notes about Happy Camp

note about Art’s daughter

phone number for Jerry Bromart (?)

note about Pat Michaels 

contact info for Austin

note with blessing

various notes and contact info

contact info for Kathy Garfield

various notes and contact info

contact info for Ramona and Milt Heimlich

note to call Joanne

contact info for Harry Katz

contact info for Larry Hogan

info about Public Welcome Committee

image of woman’s profile, 9/6/1937

sketch of dog and cat

sketch of coat of arms

sketch of cowboy riding bronco

sketch of rose

note about John McFadden Maurice McClare

note to Art Beal from Melba Anderson, 7/13/1979

contact info for Lynette Landon

note to Art Beal from Barbara Dawson on deposit ticket, 4/12/1986

note about visitors

note about Art Beal interview

note about origin of the name Captain Nit Wit

notes by Art Beal

note about cost of sand

note about Art Beal taking medicine

contact info for Don Henderson

note about money received from Elizabeth, 1/24/1990

note to Art Beal with birthday greetings

notes about video on KSBY

additional resources for Art Beal and Nit Wit Ridge

info about possible preservation of Nit Wit Ridge

list of major supporters of Nit Wit Ridge and Art Beal Foundation

various notes about prospectus

list of possible funding sources for preservation of Nit Wit Ridge

phone number for David Fitzpatrick

contact info for Boyd Nelson and John, Jim, and Kerry

sign in sheet; includes contact info for volunteers

various notes about preservation of Nit Wit Ridge

info about Derek Carter

offer to assist in preservation of Nit Wit Ridge from Thomas Castaneda

note to Art Beal Foundation from Murray Suppanz, 8/19/1992

note to Nit Wit Ridge from Christopher H. Lay

note from John De Kler

Action Plan for Nit Wit Ridge

list of people (members?)

composition notebook filled with pages about various Art Beal info

note about Don and Sharron Howlett

contact info for Phil Peretta

contact info for various contacts

contact info for John FitzRandolph

info about Wire Train including contact info and a personal note

note about Max C. Fleischman Foundation

various notes about Nit Wit Ridge fundraisers

various notes about Nit Wit Ridge fundraisers

sample fundraiser ticket; brief outline of tickets sold

various notes about Nit Wit Ridge fundraisers

notes about sold fundraiser tickets, ca. 1977

note about sold fundraiser tickets

list of people associated with Junk into Art

notes about delivery of Spice Rack and Bank

list of various performers

contact info for Brad Wickliffe

contact info for Walter Layton

kids menu for “A Day at the Ridge” and list of necessary utensils

list of borrowed items

note about donation of beads by Kit Walling

definition of MemoraBEALia

brief note about possible fundraising, ca. 1977

brief notes about site plan for Nit Wit Ridge; includes contact info for Margo McDonald

notes about history of Morro Bay

note about construction of Nit Wit Ridge

brief note about Art Beal and Nit Wit Ridge

notes about Art Beal Foundation and support

correction to application form for Nit Wit Ridge

info about Fran Erwin Sr.

note about Margaret Gaspar

contact info for Allan Cline

note from Jo (?) on back of envelope

contact info for Don Mueller and Carrol Hyde

note about Johnny Carson show

note from Art Beal

contact info for Ron Dorson

contact info for “Real People”

note about location of 1518 South Wooster, Apt. 3

note about track meet

contact info for Mark Rosenburg

contact info for Mark Hiteshew

list of people to show film to

note about Larry Brando

contact info for Michael Von Hulsebus

address for Erwin Warey

various addresses






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