Art Beal - Ephemera

Flyer for “Preserve Life Love at Peace,” 3/13/1977

Flyer for, “Many Mansions: Four Folk Art Environments,” 4/23/1983

SPACES Newsletter

SPACES Newsletter

flyer for Cambria Historical Society

postcard for Many Mansions exhibition, 4/23/1983

flyer for Beyond Baroque exhibiton, 4/5/1983

pamphlet for the Pickford House

pamphlet for Historic Burton Drive

Moneywise Guide to CA

pamphlet for Hearst Castle Area

Dinner menu, Hoppe’s Hip Pocket Bistro, 6/29/1999

postcard to Seymour Rosen from Elizabeth (Appel?), 8/4/1992

invitation to “A Tornado of Talent”, 8/8/1992

flyer for “A Tornado of Talent”, 8/8/1992

pamphlet for Community Building Association Conference, 6/29/1998

promotional flyer for Foto Fantasies, ca. 1970

 blank postcard for States Restaurant

sticker for Solar Genny One “Party Pass”

“Hello My Name Is Art Beal” sticker, 3/17/1977

 pamphlet for The Hearst Castle Show

pamphlet for coming attractions at Harrah’s Reno and Lake Tahoe, 1981

mailer for Phoebe Palmer works

breach of etiquette card

 ticket for The Lil’ Hut

popularity contest card

dinner menu for Continental Café, 5/25/1939

sticker for Treasure Island

menu for Continental Café, 5/25/1939

souvenir card for Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939

souvenir from Treasure Island, 1939

copy of Official Souvenir for Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939

 tag for SF Federation of Democratic Clubs Committee

pamphlet for MRA Books

flyer for labor and mass meeting

ticket for dinner dance and floor show, 6/15/1942

Breakfast and Dinner Menu for Franklin Hospital, 1/5/1943

pamphlet for Social Security Act

Sunday Pass for Train Ride, 3/26/1944

ticket for pageant and ball

Program of Events, 6/1-6/7/40

ticket for A Jam for Mama benefit

 postcard of Cambria Pines

postcard of Nitwit Ridge

baggage claim ticket, 7/30/1981

train ticket from Cambria and San Luis Obispo

advertisements for Candian lottery

ticket for opening of Oakland Bridge, 11/12/1936

advertisement for Hollywood Playhouse

Bill Walton poster signed by Art Beal, 3/22/1979

pamphlet for SSI

copies of meal options for Art Beal from Franklin Hospital

luncheon menu from Hotel Suburban, 4/23/1929

breakfast menu from the Southern Pacific Company, ca. 1940

full menu for the Tyrolian Room, 5/20/1939

full menu, 5/20/1939

full menu for The Downtown Café, 8/4/1943

full menu for The Downtown Café

“today’s special” menu from The Downtown Café

souvenir dinner menu from Bal Tabarin

menu, banquet and dance details from Bal Tabarin, 2/17/1943

dinner menu from Kit Carson’s

full menu from Café Lafayette, 1940

napkin from “The Late Show…watchers”

Thanksgiving Dinner menu from Chris’s Grill, 11/25/1943

dinner menu from Richelieu Casino

“daily specials,” 2/23/1930

“daily specials”

dinner menu from Casino de Paris

lunch menu from Continental Coffee Shop, 1939

full menu from Bay City Grill, 9/21/1941

special dinner menu from Hotel Holley Coffee Shop; includes notes on back

full menu from Blue Parrot Inn, 6/23/1935

full menu from Hotel Holley Coffee Shop

full menu from Continental Café, 4/23/1909

card for Nit Wit Ridge

draft of postcard for Friends of Art Beal

fundraiser poster A Full Moon Christmas Party

fundraiser poster for Benefit concert

poster of Art Beal; includes “memory” poem

Monterey Pine Fact Sheet

poster for fundraiser, 2/20/1977

ticket for an evening with Bill Walton

postcard for Nit Wit Ridge

bookmark for Art Beal Foundation Fundraiser, 2/20/1976

program for Jesse Colin Young and Kate Wolf benefit concert, 3/17/1977

card signed by Bill Walton, 3/22/1979

poster for Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon benefit concert, 2/5/1977

program for David Bromberg and Jesse Colin Young benefit concert

pizza menu for Slabtown Pizza

concert poster for Ozone at the Grist Mill

banner for Art Beal’s 90th birthday

ticket for landmark arts festival and dance

flyer for Landmark Arts Festival and Dance

mock up for landmark arts festival and dance ticket

pamphlet for SLO National Bank

sticker for Wire Train

flyer for Preserve Life, Life at Peace Festival, 3/13/1977

bookmark for Bookland

poster for Art Beal Foundation Fundraiser, 2/20/1977

flyer for “Junk into Beauty” art contest

ticket stubs for raffle

flyer to Elizabeth (Appel?) from Godfrey Coppinger

flyer for Children’s Folk Concerts and “Celtic Nights”

pamphlet for Patti & Mirage

special price list for custom screen printing for Dolphin Shirt Co.

poster for Art Beal’s 85th anniversary party, 6/26/1981

poster for Art Beal Foundation Benefit

ticket for Art Beal Foundation Benefit, 12/17/1980

poster for “Preserve History” fundraiser

mock up for landmark arts festival and dance poster

pamphlet for Tax-Saving Retirement Plans

hand drawn map for postcards

flyer for on the Art Block of Morro Bay

flyer from The Boston Phoenix

postcard for “Many Mansions: Four Folk Art Environments” exhibition, 4/23/1983

SPACES Newsletter

various documents about SPACES

SPACES Newsletter

SPACES Newsletter, 1991

newsletter insert, 1992

“official” blue ribbon for Art Beal

Who is Capt. Nitt Witt?

calendar of events for Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, 4/5/1983

oversized postcard for “The Resurrection”

invitation to opening reception at Zantman Art Galleries, 3/6/1982

pamphlet for Forest Lawn Mortuary

card for opening of “The Many Faces of Art Beal,” 1/3-1/18/1980

booklet for benefit concert, “Yes on Prop 15,” 3/5/1976

copy of booklet for a benefit concert for the Sierra Club, 1/31/1976

booklet for Cambria Coast Gallery

Meeting Minutes for SLO County Oral History Organization, 6/7/1977

booklet for Flip and Barbie Reade concert, ca. 1978

booklet for Afterglow

booklet for Bravo SLO

copy of envelope from Allied Music Corporation, 4/15/1943

list of Standard Broadcasting Stations of the U.S.

pg 10 of a text

musings about “problems of prohibition”



musings about America

pg. 6-12 of story

Membership Application Form for the The National Writers Club

promotional flyer for Don Sage

Who Is Capt Nitt Witt? by Harmony, 5/12/1979

Food For Thought by Robert Pilgrim

News Release by JoAnne Orr, 11/10/1979

pamphlet for Christian Nationalist Crusade

subscription offer for The Wilson Quarterly

document about Art Beal and Colmo Del Rodeo Float, 10/8/-10/9/1977

parking permit for Concert Crew, 3/17/1977

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